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TWU - UNT Joint MSW Programs

The TWU-UNT Joint Master’s Degree program offers two programs of study. The first program (currently the only program accepting applications for Fall ’17) is a two-year Generalist degree for students who have Bachelors degrees in fields other than Social Work. 

The second program of study is a program geared towards students who successfully completed a BSW degree from an accredited program.  Students who quality enter the program with “Advanced Standing” status.  For these students, the first “Generalist” year of the MSW is waived, and they complete the program in one year.  

Students accepted into the program for the full-time two year component complete 10 foundation courses (30 credit hours) in the first year and 10 advanced courses (30 credit hours) in the second year. Students accepted into the Advanced Standing one year full-time component will complete 10 advanced courses (30 credit hours).  Students are required to choose one elective during the advanced year. 

If students chose the optional Master’s thesis they will enroll in SOWK 5983 Master’s Thesis in lieu of SOWK 5413 Program Practice Evaluation and SOWK 5993 Master’s Thesis in lieu of SOWK 5973 Advanced Integrative Seminar.

Generalist Degree Plan – Two Year Program 

Generalist Degree Plan - Part Time Program

Advanced Standing Degree Plan  - Part Time Program

Advance Standing Degree Plan - Two Year Program​

Program Courses and Descriptions