Faculty Directory

Alex Colvin headshot  Alex Colvin, Ph.D., LMSW
  Associate Professor & JMSW Program Director

  Email: acolvin3@twu.edu
  Phone: 940-898-2079
  Office: OMB 411J (TWU Campus)

Research interests: Technology integration in social work education and practice, culturally responsive practice, field education, pre-college foster care programs, aging/caregiving, mental health

Lisa Dicke headshot  Lisa Dicke, Ph.D.
  Professor, Public Administration
  Interim Chair, UNT Social Work

  Email: lisa.dicke@unt.edu
  Phone: 940-891-6793
Office: Chilton 204G

Research interests: Disaster research expert

Brandi Felderhoff headshot  Brandi Felderhoff, Ph.D., LCSW
  Assistant Professor, Student Association for Masters Social Workers (SAMSW), Co-Advisor

  Email: bfelderhoff@twu.edu
  Phone: 940-898-2072
  Office: OMB 410N (TWU Campus)

Research interests: Older adult caregivers, caregiving at the end of life, aging, the impact of advance planning on quality of life outcomes, social workers professional engagement, Mental health

Dhrubodhi Mukherjee headshot  Dhrubodhi Mukherjee, Ph.D., LCSW
  Associate Professor

  Email: dhru.m@unt.edu
  Phone: 940-565-3198
  Office: Chilton 390E (UNT Campus)

Research interests: Clinical workforce development and training, trauma-informed practices, opioid addiction, rural mental health service delivery, regulation of technology on clinical social work practice

Sarah Oliphant headshot  Sarah Moore Oliphant, Ph.D., MSW
  Assistant Professor, Student Association for Master's Social Workers (SAMSW), Co-Advisor

  Email: sarah.oliphant@unt.edu
  Phone: 940-369-5018
  Office: Chilton 390J (UNT Campus)

Research interests: International social work practice and education, Immigrants and Refugees, Ethiopian immigrant women

Nila Ricks headshot  Nila Ricks, Ph.D., LCSW
  Associate Professor & TWU Department Chair

  Email: nricks@twu.edu 
  Phone: 940-898-2077 
  Office: OMB 410H (TWU Campus)

Research interests: Teen pregnancy prevention, adolescent risk behaviors and mental health, culturally competent teaching and practice, teen fatherhood, teen parenting in foster care

Brenda Sweeten headshot  Brenda Sweeten, MSSW, LCSW
  Clinical Associate Professor, JMSW Director of Field Education, UNT Foster Care Liaison Officer

  Email: brenda.sweeten@unt.edu
  Phone: 940-369-6991
  Office: Chilton 397E (UNT Campus)

Research interests: Social work field education and professional development, ethics and civility, child welfare, adoption, postsecondary programs supporting the success of persons who have experienced the foster care system

Beverly Wagner headshot  Beverly Wagner, Ed.D., LCSW
  Assistant Professor

  Email: bwagner4@twu.edu 
  Phone: 940-898-2004
  Office: OMB 410 M (TWU Campus)

Research interests: Social work pedagogy and innovative teaching practices, issues related to veterans, mental health and homelessness, refugee acculturation and well-being.