JMSW Recommendation Letter Form

Please respond to the following statement as thoroughly as possible on the following topics: 

PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageOutstandingUnable to Rate
Ability to think clearly and logically *
Ability to comprehend theoretical material *
Ability to use theoretical material in real life situation *
Ability to express ideas clearly in writing *
Ability to communicate ideas and concepts clearly to other *
Ability to assume responsibility: carry out assignments and tasks *
PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageOutstandingUnable to Rate
Awareness of social problems *
Has a sensitive, objective attitude towards others *
Ability to recognize the strengths of others *
Commitment to the profession of social work *
Willingness to engage in social change *
Commitment to social work values *
Ability to help people who are under stress *
Ability to work with difference in people (race, class, gender, etc) *
PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageOutstandingUnable to Rate
Leadership abilities *
Demonstrates initiative and motivation *
Ability to exercise sound judgment *
Demonstrate personal integrity *
Creativity *
Ability to be flexible and capable of change *
Level of maturity *
Ability to cope effectively with personal life stresses *
Ability to maintain relationships with others *
Willingness to accept constructive criticism *
Ability to work as a team member *
Resourcefulness *
Demonstrates self-awareness *