Mission Statement and Goals

The mission statement of the TWU-UNT joint M.S.W. is to prepare effective advanced generalist social workers for ethical practice and leadership across settings and to promote human and community well-being in rapidly changing environments. The program is dedicated to preparing graduates to apply evidence-informed knowledge, skills and values as they address complex issues and problems, while promoting social and economic justice with those who are vulnerable and oppressed. With a global perspective of our interdependent world, graduates will practice and promote respect for human diversity and the advancement of human rights to benefit the quality of life for individuals, groups, families, organizations and communities.

TWU-UNT joint M.S.W. Program Goals 

Our program goals are:

  1. To prepare professional social workers who competently practice with a solid ethical base founded upon the values and principles of the profession.
  2. To prepare professional social workers to apply advanced knowledge and skills in complex practice environments.
  3. To prepare professional social workers to effectively incorporate a global perspective and dimensions of diversity in practice.
  4. To prepare professional social workers to act as agents of positive social change by understanding and analyzing injustice and implementing social and economic justice strategies.